The Super Signguy llc
Wraps and Vinyl Grahics

Your Super "3M-Certified" Car Wrap Specialist

Why settle for anything less than super with your vehicle fleet?

The Super Signguy has created and installed incredible vinyl wraps on over 1,000 vehicles. We wrap everything from fleet vehicles and delivery vans to high-end race cars. The Super Signguy is the trusted vehicle wrap provider for businesses of every size, including Florida Blue, Alegra Motorsports, and Yeager Flooring.

Build Your Brand with Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a central part of creating a cohesive brand for your business. That's why we put so much pride in being a full-service provider. The Super Signguy can create a brand that carries over from your lobby signs to your vehicle wraps. We can design vehicle wraps from scratch or work to fit in with your existing branding.

The Super Signguy can tailor vehicle wrapping to fit your budget and design desires, too. While some customers may want a full vehicle wrap that includes vinyl on every inch that can legally be covered, sometimes a decal on the doors will do. Part of providing super service is learning your brand and your budget so we can create a vinyl vehicle wrap that maximizes the return on your investment.

Great Work, Guaranteed

The Super Signguy hires only 3M-certified vehicle wrap installers, and we use only the highest quality vinyl material available. We guarantee our work will be smooth, level, and stand out from the crowd for years to come.

We put our money where our mouth is, too. Every wrap from the Super Signguy comes with a five-year warranty that covers any damage. Whether your vinyl is peeling and cracking from wear and tear or the vehicle was involved in an accident, we'll replace the damaged vinyl section at no material cost-you'll only need to cover the labor cost.