The Super Signguy llc

Eye-catching Lobby Signs

Is your lobby or waiting room dull? The Super Signguy is here to save the day. We know lobby signs aren't just there to show people they're in the right place-lobby signs are a way to showcase the pride you take in your brand.

Law firms, hotels, medical offices, and countless other businesses around the United States rely on the Super Signguy to make sure they're making the right impression with sophisticated, high-quality lobby signs. We create signs tailored to your brand and budget, with a wide variety of material options and high-end features like lighting and three-dimensional design.

The Super Signguy can help you bring any vision in your head to life with perfect precision in our design and manufacturing, and super service in our sales and customer engagement. We operate with honesty and x-ray vision transparency so there are never any surprises.

Super Lobby Sign Design

The Super Signguy team has created countless signs utilizing virtually every material available in the sign world today. We know that a lot more goes into a sign than just creating a great design on paper. Our lobby sign designers take everything into account, from the lighting to the location to wall colors and other materials in the room. We know how surfaces can be enhanced by light and go from being a regular sign to a super sign with the right material.

We use materials including acrylic standoffs, glass, vinyl graphics, and LED light up signs. We work in three dimensions, too, so the Super Signguy makes your lobby sign literally stand out. We can also enhance 3D signs with reverse and inside lighting.

We believe in making design elements that are more than just a sign-they're a piece of art.